Clamps - Some Different Types

When I was posting about pliers – I added some that bridge the gap between pliers and clamps. So I thought to add a list of some types of clamps – some more like the clamps we commonly think of as defining the word than others. So that I don’t run out of the site’s word-count limit, and to let me take a break to do more essential things – I’ll post this one in installments

Auto Battery clamps

Fixed Cup Wrench Clamp

Third Hand

Seat Tube Clamp


Brake Rotor clamp

Brake Piston clamp

Carpet clamp|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D23-Carpet|&gclid=CKDEv9X6m84CFUJZhgodg4sGGg&gclsrc=aw.ds

Steel-Band - Merle Clamp

Strap Clamps

Bar Clamps

Step-Over Clamp

Model maker’s clamps


Parallel Jaw Clamps

Cantilever Clamp

Beam Clamp

Undermount Sink Clamp

Quick Clamps

Track Saw Clamps

Wood Cam clamp

Wood Handscrew

Cabinet clamps

Luthier’s Clamps

Face Frame clamps

Edging Clamps

Locking Plier Clamps

Corner clamps

More to come

Second Installment:



Hold-Downs and toggle Clamps

Laboratory Clamps

Kant-Twist clamps

Machinist Clamps

Picture Frame clamp

Pipe clamps

Piping Clamps

Ratcheting Clamps

Splice – Seaming clamps

Rubber-Tip clamp

Sewing clamp

Panel clamp

Spring Clamp

Spring and other Miter Clamps

Third list:

Strap clamps

Tarp clamp

Locking Plier Clamps

Piston Ring clamps

Hood lift clamp

Soldering clamp

Panel Carrier clamps

Pinch Dogs

Edge Jointer

Vise-like Clamps

Ground Clamps

I though I should throw in a link to Benjamen’s new post over a Toolguyd:

One more clamp to add that I recently came across is the Dimide Clamp. Looks to be compatible with an impact wrench and can be driven by an included handle. I hadn’t previously seen a clamp like this one. Used to using Kant-twist’s in my shop though, but debating on picking up some of these to help deliver more load, cause I really don’t like when my parts move at all.

Don’t forget… Dubuque Clamps,43838

Also Pit Bull clamps

Great list Fred!


Thanks for adding.
If I’m correct, Dubuque is still manufacturing in the USA - nice clamps - but as with all aluminum and many steel clamps too, they can leave metallic marks on the wood. Some clamps are better than others with reagard to staining the wood during glue-ups. An old trick was to use waxed paper to “insulate” the clamp bar from the wood.

Bessey KlikKlamps are the subject of a recent ToolGuyd post:

Bessey has introduced a new line of clmaps that they call Gear Klamp.

Look to be practical in spots where an F-Clamp handle might get in the way:

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I have my doubts about whether these would come in handy. I had a situation yesterday where my Bessey F clamp handle wouldn’t fit while doing some repair work in my attic. Something like this would have worked nicely, however, a wooden handscrew clamp worked nicely. Of course you need adequate space in front of the clamping area for clearance. I might order a pair of the new Bessey’s at the next Acme sale just to have on hand in case I run into a situation with tight clearances where nothing else works well.

I was recently asked if I had any ideas about a clamp for use in pulling some steel into alignment for bolt-up. The person was thinking about a Rube Goldberg type setup using a hydraulic jack. I got him a loaner of what we called “bridge (or sometimes bridge builder) clamps”. We had ones from Williams - but Proto and others make them. They can be had in styles that have extended screws (closing to 0 inches). You use them with a wrench to tighten them up. My ex-compatriots lent him a pair of 6 inch ones:

Over at the Toolguyd main site Stuart has posted about some different designs for C-Clamps / G-Clamps

Woodpeckers has a new One-Time-Tool they call “Clampzilla”

Its a bit like some other panel clamp variants: