DeWalt cordless brad nailer?

Has anybody heard anything on DeWalt’s upcoming cordless brad nailer and staple gun? I saw someone posted something about it but I couldn’t open the link, now I can’t find that post.

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I’m personally well vested in Dewalt cordless but I’m probably gunna pass on this one, I’ve been considering getting into some Ryobi stuff to supplement my “lesser” needed or tools Dewalt simply doesn’t offer needs. I recently did a little work for my brother who has some Ryobi stuff including the airstrike Brad nailer… Loved it, left my compressor in the truck the whole time.

The link doesn’t work, nothing comes up when I open it.

cr8ondt thanks for the reply,
Yeah Ryobi has some good stuff and Ridgid as well, I’m just a super fan of DeWalt so I can wait lol
I just remember someone posting pics of the stapler and nailer at a DeWalt show or something so I was interested to find out when they’ll be out in the states.

As posted on the TIA forums, Home Depot how have the new flooring and narrow crown staplers listed:

I went back and did some more work for my brother… He bought me an Airstrike and extra batteries… . And on the way home I stopped and picked up some more Ryobi stuff, Led hybrid work light, hybrid fan and another battery. Don’t get me wrong I love my DeWalt stuff but some times it’s just too hard to justify the cost for tools I’d only need occasionally.