Do You Have a Favorite Hammer(s)?

There are also crate hatchets. I have an old one (made in Connecticut) around somewhere. looks a bit like this:

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My old trusty Ace 16oz Claw Hammer with hickory handle.

Say does anybody have any hammer recommendations for the above situation. Sure I can bang with the side of the hammer like a caveman, but would something like the cross peen @fred listed work?

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I was thinking the very same thing as I was driving 5 finish nails that way “Hmmm, a short trip to Home Depot or Menards (and waste the rest of the day) or soldier through and get something done?”

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Wow, that’s a lot of hammers!

My favorite hammer: Estwing 16oz

Favorite mallet: Nupla dead blow

Favorite dead blow: Estwing steel handled, although I have many more Vaughan wood handled ones.

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Warrington Hammers aka cross peen hammers are more often used for starting small brads. They are also sometimes called Joiner’s hammers. The London Pattern hammer that I showed - has a similar use.
Naturally we, as tool aficionados, would never use the cheek of a claw hammer to drive a nail. Ha Ha - there is a repeated line in the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta HMS Pinafore that asks "what never? what never ? - and the reply comes: “well hardly ever!”

For driving small tacks under radiators and toe-kicks - flooring guys sometimes use this"

or this one:

But they would most likely not work in this situation

As cr8ondt points out the PN50 or other similar ones by Senco et. al. are often reacged for - especially for framing nails.

There is also one to drive cleats:|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D25H-AirCompressors|&gclid=CNyE_o2K5cwCFUEkhgodaREA_Q&gclsrc=aw.ds

Milwaukee sells a M12 version:|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D25T-PowerTools|&gclid=CLWs_ruF5cwCFZRahgodsIMI3g&gclsrc=aw.ds

Some years ago, Ryobi and Craftsman offered what promised to be the solution to this issue:

and there was at least 1 Ridgid variant:|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D25T-PowerTools|&gclid=CI6WyKmH5cwCFYMehgodM30H0w&gclsrc=aw.ds|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D25T-PowerTools|&gclid=CLfM_7uH5cwCFZdZhgodW08AsA&gclsrc=aw.ds

I’m not sure that any of these so called auto hammers work well enough to be anything more than “Father’s Day Gifts”

There are also hammers that are advertised as being “side strike”

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A few other specialty hammers to add:

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A few more from browsing on Amazon:

Tactical Hammer

Multi-Tool Hammer


Ice Crusher Hammer

Fence Pliers & hammer

Stubby Hammer
Japanese Style Hammer

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I was going to post last night that you missed my favorite hammer – fencing pliers. That brings me back to the days of my grandparent’s dairy farm.

Darn, I have a pair in my toolbox. Those might have worked in my above jam, or I might have put a hole in the cabinet with the staple puller.

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Yeah. The first set of fencing pliers I ever saw were from Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Company (appropriately enough)
Staple pullers (pincer jaws to grab them, hook to pry the tough ones out) , wire cutters, wire stretcher, hammer and sleeve crimper all in one tool.
Can’t cut barbed wire worth a darn - but use a Felco for that:

There are a batch of other styles of “fence pliers”

as well as staple drivers:

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Been swinging this around the last couple days, hits really hard and almost no felt vibration at all… I’m liking it so far.

I recently saw a few other hammers:

Paving Hammers:

Boilermaker hammer:

Farrier’s Rounding hammer:

Bording Hammer:

Scythe hammer:

Carpet hammer:

Mason’s embossing hammer:

Latthammer (slate roofing)

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Vaughan and Dalluge 16 oz. and Hart 21 oz waffle faced framer (bought the is 1989). All with wood handles.

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Over at ToolGuyd’s main blog page - David Frane has posted about some Picard Hammers that should add to this compendium:

A couple of other Picard hammers of different design are:


Some Amazon links to Picard Hammers:

and a cheaper alternative:

Responding to a posted question about sheet metal tools, I looked at some tools from John Stortz that included these hammers and mallets:

Like Jacob, I too like Stanley FatMax for my go-to hammer.

For woodwork, however, I may be tempted by the Veritas Cabinetmaker’s Mallet.

For carving I like this style much better:,41504,43688&ap=1


This one has always served me well


I have a number of hammers, mostly framing, ball peen, and engineer types. I’ve found that my favorite is usually the one I can find. :smile: