Have You Seen Any Interesting Tools that are New To You


CTA Vibro Shock handle and Sockets - work with an air hammer:


Catching up on my magazines, I saw this router plane from a company that was new to me:

The company - located in NY - seems to make some other tools as well - and have taken on the very British naming convention of calling “clamps” “cramps”



The Zenith Industries trim puller is now being sold at Lee Valley:



I saw that. I have to thank you! I bought it after you first posted about it and it made the process much simpler. I was using a square of plywood as a backer to prevent denting the drywall and tugging and prying with a pry bar. This tool and 2 whacks with a mallet eliminates all the fuss. The wedge is much better than a lever for removing trim imho. Thanks!


Wera has apparently been selling a Yankee-Style Screwdriver - now available at Chads Toolbox:

looks a bit like - but nicer handle than the old Stanley-Handyman:


or these on Amazon:

at one time Yankee spiral ratchet screwdrivers were the “cordless” screwdrivers of the jobsite and Stanley, Millers Falls or better yet North Brothers made great ones used by most carpenters. Nowadays they still find use in communities (like the Amish) where power tools are not allowed as a matter of religious belief.


Over on ToolGuyd there were recent posts about locking adjustable wrenches:



In looking over an email I just got from KC Tool - promoting their Fall Classic Sale - I spotted this from Gedore:

and here it is on Amazon UK

It appears that it comes in different sizes



compare at ToolTopia


Woodpeckers new One-Time-Tool:


Looks nice but $100 for a carpenter’s square is a bit out of my budget for what value it would have - but that’s just me.


New Jig from Infinity:



Knipex Scissors


Wera Joker Wrenches now come with angled heads

Wera now selling “Yankee-Style” screwdrivers


I saw this “Quadsaw” over on the ToolRank Blog.

and here:



A few people wrote in about the Quadsaw. It’s on my to-do list to figure out if it’s useful not.


It seems like it (the Quadsaw) might be a one-trick-pony if it can only be configured to do cuts for old-work single switch/outlet boxes. But I guess if you do a lot of this in a day it might be worth the rather steep £199 they are asking in the UK. I think I read that they could configure it for US-Sized boxes as well as British standard ones.


Whoops, sorry I didn’t see this post before. Those Irwin tool boxes popped up at Lowes too, and lots of 'em.


Here is one for an oscillating multi tool.

It’s about 1/4 the price.

I’m interested in the durability of the Quadsaw. I wonder if drywall dust would get inside the cutter head and gum up the mechanisms.


New from MicroJig - a Dado setup jig:


I’ve made a few wooden jigs for my brad nailers and pinners to help me position the nose to help avoid blowout. Now Grex is selling an edge guide for their 23ga pinners and 18ga brad nailers:



There’s a Ryobi One+ Cordless Glue gun that was apparently just released: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-Volt-ONE-Glue-Gun-P305/300335930. I picked one up; I know there was another company making a glue gun that would work with Ryobi batteries (http://toolguyd.com/surebonder-hybrid-120-cordless-hot-glue-gun/), but a first party one seems like a better idea. Plus, it’s $100 less.


It was Surebonder:


available on Jet.com