Help Picking Diving Flashlight and Battery Charger for Scubaboard!


Hi guys. Will be diving to Australia and am a bit confused with the all the choices for diving light.
I have narrowed these down to two:

XTAR D06 1200 which is fit with 118650/2CR123A/2*16340 battery, and that is One-Hand Control, emits 1200 scorching lumen,Waterproof IPX8 (Underwater 100m). They also have the model 1600lm, 2.48h life time.

And VOLADOR Diving Flashlight, 1000 Lumen, 150M Underwater, LED Flashlight White Submersible Lights with 1x 18650 Battery.

Do you think they’re functional enough for diving? Or you have other tool Suggestions.
I believe I will need a battery charger as well, of which XTAR VC2S and ROCKET SV2 seem to make some good ones. I compared the two chargers and found that the VC2S is maybe better because it has a USB charging port, do you agree with me?

XTAR VC2S amazon link:
ROCKET SV2 amazon link:

Would appreciate any advice on the above!