Industrial design student designing a new kind of pliers

Hi everyone, I’m a Dutch Industrial Design student and I am designing a new kind of pliers.

Right now, I am in the process of doing research and finding possible use scenario’s.
As some of you have a lot of experience with tools, I thought maybe you could help me a little.

It would be great if you could fill out this survey.

If you don’t feel like filling out the survey or have additional questions or suggestions, it would also help a lot to leave a comment.


I’m not one for surveys - but having been using and buying tools for over 50 years - both for hobby and professional use - I can point you at some of the innovative styles that came within the last few decades:

Probably my favorite single style - comes in various sizes:

Less general useful but a fairly recent innovation are so called double-x style:

For jewelry and crafts - there are a plethora of plier styles. A recent entrant into this market is Wubbers - making a batch of oddball jaw styles for bending and forming:

Other trades - like appliance repair, automotive repair, and electronics also seem to generate needs for specialized pliers.

BTW - I posted some time ago about pliers:

Thanks for your great reply! I really appriciate the overview of innovative pliers you gave and I will definitely use it during my research.