Looking for Steel Toe Tennis Shoes

Due to a recent hospital stay, I am on blood thinners for the next year. Last week I was moving 3/4” tongue and groove ply around my shop for walls that I am constructing. I lost my grip on a sheet and the full weight of it landed on my foot. Fortunately, there is nothing broken but, man, did it bruise like crazy. It would have anyway but the blood thinners made it even worse. My wife has laid down the law and told me no more wearing my Duluth (Keen-like) closed-toe sandals and that I needed to get steel toes.

I have several pairs of steel toe boots but I am looking for steel-toed tennis shoes (we call them Battle Tennies in the Coast Guard) for warmer weather when I am in shorts. Are there any brands out there that you all like or would recommend? Thanks

DeWalt offers a few different work shoes: https://www.dewalt.com/products/workspace/protective-workwear/footware

I don’t know of the availability, Sears used to sell them in store and I picked up three pairs of Wrench composite toed safety shoes years ago. I’m on my second pair, with the first still wearable and the third new in box.

The Wrench style like I have is still on the website but unavailable even online. I have worn these for physical training, and even ran in them a few times out of necessity, but they are heavier than athletic shoes and not really suited for exercise. For working, though, they are indispensable. I’ve used the composite toe piece to help lift heavy object countless times and they’ve saved my feet more than a few times.

The other day I happened to notice that Keen makes some work shoes that resemble hiking or running shoes, with steel, carbon fiber or aluminum toes. Some are made with mesh or have ventilation holes, so they should be cooler than work boots.

I wear Keens almost exclusively, because of the broad, square toe. I don’t think they’re particularly durable or well made, but they do fit me and they’re comfortable. Need to order a 1/2 size up.

I’ve heard good things about Timberlands. Haven’t tried them though.

I think redwing has some in their “works” lineup. I’ve seem the store near me has some tennis shoe like items.

meanwhile I would consider wearing full on shoes.

More than some steel toe shoes, I’d also invest in a sheet good handle.