Need new motherboard - related questions

Do oem computers generally have issues when a motherboard is replaced?

I bought a Dell back in March, and I bought the express service contract too lol…

Now it seems the motherboard was defective. They are supposedly sending a tech by with a replacement.

I think they owe me a totally new machine. I think my machine is a complete lemon

What do you think?

I keep having kernel power errors and the computer constantly flashes on and off. There remote diagnostic decided I need new motherboard.

But the dell tech was kind of a doof and mumbled “sometimes when you replace a motherboard other issue spring up”

What was he talking about and how do I argue dell owes me a new computer?

I haven’t fooled much with computers in the last 5 years or so, but I did a lot before then.
I think the real issue at hand is that if there is a hardware problem it can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly what piece of hardware is the problem, especially if they are trying to help you remotely. I don’t think it’s true to say “sometimes when you replace a motherboard other issues pop up”; it’s more like “we think the motherboard is the problem, but we can’t be 100% sure, so perhaps after we replace the motherboard we’ll find the problem was actually something else”. If the motherboard is the problem then replacing it should fix it.

my best advice to start with is 1 - don’t buy a dell followed by 2- don’t buy a dell and expect it to be fixable.

sorry but I’ve had to fix a number of them and dell loves their custom on purpose parts so you can’t do routine fixes or additions without more expensive parts.

That said - it is uncommon but not unusually to need a new motherboard. Is this a Laptop or small form factor or workstation? If laptop - everything is on the motherboard so that is replacing your computer basically. if SFF then like a laptop everything is on the motherboard. If workstation I would think it would get a lttle bit more troubleshooting.

But again power supply control - charging if necessary - is all on the motherboard so short of a possible power supply issue. These newer machines self diagnostic really well so if it was a ram issue or a processor or some add on card issue - different errors. and I suspect dell had you use their diag software so it’s fairly accurate.

Meanwhile of machines that have given me the least trouble, outside of the ones I’ve buit myself, the next best has been HP.

It sounds like that techie is issuing a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you know what I mean. If he fixes one thing he probably breaks 2 others… Anyway, replacing the mb should not cause issues. I haven’t bought a desktop in a while, just the sons that are gaming. The rest of the family uses laptops, phones, and tablets. If I were to get another desktop, I’d definitely build it. The best 2 pieces of advice I got were from my best friend, who still games and builds a lot of desktops. Buy ASUS motherboards and the most energy efficient power supply you can afford. Seasonic was what I bought and you can tell it’s awesome quality when you open the box. Also, get one with plenty of watts. I was told the PSU was the cause of most of the blue screens of death and other nameless errors. I believe it. The last custom system I built ran for years until we simply wanted rid of it. No crazy errors either. See if they will replace the PSU too. Good luck!