11% off Bosch at Acme until 6/30

I’m not sure how this was missed but Acme is offering 11% off on everything Bosch. That includes everything from accessories to the larger tools like the 4100-10 Table Saw and the GCM12SD Miter Saw. I actually ordered one of each of these (and have received them) before posting because I thought the promo might be a mistake and didn’t want my order cancelled in case it was. With free shipping and no sales tax, this was a great way for me to get some great tools, a good bit cheaper.

Here’s the code:

TAKE 11% OFF all Bosch with Promo Code: BOSCH11

Good hunting!

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Not a bad sale.

I have both of the tools that you bought.
While the sale is on you might consider some of the Bosch add-ons for these tools.
I see that you already bought at least one gravity rise stand.
For the GCM12SD - you may find that the Bosch vacuum hose is useful - if you do not have one already:


My take is that the Laser guide for this saw is not spectacular - but you might find it useful:


For the table saw:

The Bosch throat plates are a bit flimsy compared to shop made ones or those (BH1 and BH2) from Leecraft - but they are relatively cheap:




There are also add on supports::



The Bosch blades that came with both tools- were also just OK. I replaced them (as we always did with most stock blades) with better blades. I like Forrest Mitermaster ( MM121006 ) and Chopmaster ( CM12906115 )
blades for my GCM12SD and use a Forrest WWII 40T thin kerf (WW10407100) as my combination blade in my 4100DG - but mostly have a Freud LM75R010 30T ripping blade mounted. Freud blades are usually very good and offer better value compared to the Forrest blades.

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Wow. Thanks caribou. As a fan of blue I will be looking into this.

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Wow, thanks for your advice Fred!

I picked up the supports for the table saw but hadn’t considered much beyond that. I see another order in my near future.

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Happy to help Satch!