20V/120V Dual Power 2 Gallon Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum - Tool Only

Would this work for light duty use with a Makita Track Saw, Router, or Orbital Sander? If not, what else would you recommend that is cordless and $200 or less? Ryobi would be a plus, since I already have a lot of their 18v & 40v batteries…

I have not used that specific model so I can’t comment on its performance, but I have used similar vacs from other companies, and they would work OK for light duty use for the tools you mentioned. Do pay attention to the hose length. Many times those vacs come with a hose that’s impractically short. If you have to make long cuts with a track saw or long passes with a router you’ll want a long hose so you aren’t having to move the vac with you as you work.
If I were you I’d look at Ryobi. I have more faith in Ryobi tools than I do Harbor Freight, and if you already have Ryobi batteries it seems like a no-brainer to go with them instead of having to buy into HF’s batteries. Check out their models P3240 and the P770, they are both cordless and well under $200. You could pick up either one plus a longer hose and still say far under your $200 budget.


I have the 3 gallon ryobi you referenced (P3240) and you’re correct about the house length. I’m not sure how effective it would be at dust collection, especially after adding a longer hose, but it’s a very handy and capable vacuum you have on hand.