20v black and Decker charger on a 24v cobalt battery

I’m just wondering if this will work without hurting the battery I’m doing a making an electric quad for my kid now I’m going to switch to cobalt battery so cause there Cheap and I’m in need of space so black and Decker has a small charger that goes over top of the battery so was just wondering if it would work thanks for reading

I’m all for the idea of modding stuff like that but I don’t think it would work but hey you don’t know unless you try!

Maybe I’m cautious by nature - but LiIon batteries store a lot of energy, with electrodes separated by rather flimsy materials and electrolytes that can burn with sometimes spectacular effect. Incorrect charging has been implicated in some of the battery fires that I’ve read about - so I would want to make sure that the B&D charger’s operating characteristics (Voltage, Current, Turn-Off Logic, Cooling etc.) are the same as the Kobalt charger so as to not result in a fire. I for one would not do it.

Here is a link to another thread that may offer inspiration. Other links are included in this thread.