30mm Router Guide

Hey All,

I need a 30mm route guide and I’m really struggling to find one. I have a PORTER-CABLE 42000 9-Piece Template Guide Kit and they appear to have a 30mm guide but I can’t find anyone who sells in.

Does anyone have any recommendations?



The guy who runs routerbitworld is quite knowledgeable. You could check with him.


The Bosch is available - but needs their holding fixture

Thanks @fred - I did spot that one but it plus the holding fixture gets awfully expensive!

@ktash - Thanks I’ll reach out to him!

1-3/16” seems to be somewhat more available. That’s 30.1625mm, if that’s close enough to work.

Thanks, it’s probably worth a shot. It’s for a Dominofix template to make an MFT top. My other option is to shim out a 1-1/8”

Or pick something up in the UK when I’m there in October…

Found a set of metric PC style bushings.

@Taeraresh - Thanks, I just discovered that set and was about to post a comment saying that’s what I’m going to buy!

Axminster has some cool stuff. I ordered a small item from them and the shipping was reasonable and about as fast as Amazon.