4 1/2 Cut Off Wheels Deal on Amazon 25% Off

Found this great deal on a 25 Pack 4 1/2 cut-off wheel

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I know this is an old post but quite a few companies make 4.5" diamond or carbide, etc. Cutoff wheels now for reasonable prices. Something to strongly consider for those in the market. Have much more life and at least the same for the money plus reduces the exploding disc risk. I feel like theyre much safer and more convenient as they reduce blade changes.

I agree, the new metal-capable diamond wheels are quite impressive. I know that Dewalt has one in the works for their 9" cutoff saw if they haven’t released it already.

As for the old-school style cutoff wheels, I find they very a great deal in quality. Just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they are any good, as nice ones will last far longer than cheapos, and that means they cut much better as well, since a larger diameter means a higher speed where the disc engages the cut. My favorite for a general purpose cutoff on a small grinder is the Makita 5" 0.035 thick discs. They are surprisingly good for being a big-name “generic” tool brand and they are reasonably priced. For the smaller 3" discs I think 3M and Norton Blaze are the best and I will gladly pay a premium for either of those over cheapo imports. They last longer, cut faster, and put less heat in the part.