4" adjustable wrench

When I found this forum I was looking for a link to an old scandal supposedly referencing exorbitant prices for Channellock pliers sold to the military. In reality, Channellock sold pliers to a third party contractor that welded a piece on to meet the military requirement and then they marked up the final product. The government or someone had to come out and make some kind of apology to Channellock, which is about 20 miles from where I sit typing.

Regardless, on the first page of this forum there was a discussion of 4" adjustable wrenches and the poster said the only ones he liked were made in Spain. What I was going to add to that discussion was that in the late '70s I worked in an underground mine in Colorado and we all had 4" Crescent brand adjustable wrenches that were American made. Most people at the time stuck them on their key ring and used them for roach clips. Those wrenches also were the only 4" one I ever saw that would open to 9/16

4" adjustable wrench? You mean like a Crescent wrench? The one I like is technically not a crescent, a “pliers-wrench” made by Knipex, which is a German company. But I think the smallest one is 5".

You may be thinking of locking pliers, like the old Vise-Grips. Grip-on makes nice ones, and they are made in Spain.

Irega was the Spanish manufacturer which was well-regarded I believe. Bahco is another manufacturer, I believe.

I bought a used Irega on that basis and have been pretty pleased with it.

The Channellock “Wide-Azz” line is made in Spain by Irega. The smallest size seems to be 6”, though.


Strangely, I HAVE heard of 4" and 2" adjustable wrenches up here in Canada. But they’re not a good brand, they’re a Canadian Tire house brand, either Jobmate or Mastercraft. I gave my Mother one of the 2" ones as a gag gift one year, as it does fit on a keychain, and does, in fact, only open around a half inch.

So, although there are common sizes of really, REALLY, good wrenches that start at 6", I can say I have seen, and bought, smaller that fit the description. But, even now, they’re rare, or discontinued. Or, in this case, as a part of a larger set:


No, I was talking about an adjustable wrench, commonly called a Crescent wrench. Crescent is a company that makes the wrench that gets its name much like Jello makes the gelatin product that is also made by many other companies. The Crescent brand 4" one I used to have was the only one I ever saw that would open all the way to fit on a 9/16 bolt head or nut.

Yep, I know how that “crescent” name works.

I really can’t help you then. FWIW, the Knipex pliers-wrench does everything a crescent wrench can do, but better. The 5" model can accept nuts up to 1".

As a point of reference the Williams AP-4 adjustable wrench that I have opens only to 1/2 inch.

The Fujiya FLS43G can open to 43mm (1.7 in.) and is 156 mm (6.1 inches) in OAL

The Ares 70303 and similar wrenches from Fujiya and Mobarrel can open to 53mm - but is 176mm (6.9 inches) in OAL

The Supertool MFTN68A and similar wrenches open to 68mm - but it is about 8 inches in OAL

I have heard of the Crescent brand as well. But, I think, if I’m reading the thread well enough… unfortunately it’s dead and gone like many things that didn’t survive the 1980’s corporate restructuring in North America.

Also… Of the GOOD brands of wrenches to fill the gap it filled… I don’t know if any wrenches fit the original description. I can provide some really, REALLY bad examples of smaller wrenches that DO fit the description, but I cannot see any examples, even throughout the thread, that match such an old description in historical wrenches.

May I ask… What is its importance to you? As in… what are you trying to do that requires THAT exact wrench? Maybe some of the posters here have a better idea, or solution for you? fred, as an example, has a remarkable expanse of knowledge on these topics.

I was not really making an inquiry, but COMMENTING on the post I first saw when I was looking for something else and was led into this forum.