Hi! New here! I have been searching all morning for a replacement charger for my Cordless Pool Vacuum. Pool Vacuum Model as well as adapter information is listed below. I contacted the Pool Vacuum Company and they emailed me back and asked for a picture of the non-operational charger/adapter and then this morning 2 weeks or so later I have a full refund for the vacuum which is only 2 months old instead of a replacement adapter!!! I am not complaining as I am confident the vacuum still works and the charger seems to also be providing power but the indicator light is off (red/green) and I am uncertain that the battery is getting 100% charge. Would really like to have a second adapter on hand but can’t seem to find it outside the Pool Company’s site where it shows Sold Out! The adaptor itself is an easy find it is the dual head connector that I am struggling to find to accompany the adapter!
AIPURY600 Cordless Pool Vacuum
Adapter/Plug included in photos