Adjustable Hook Nose Channel locks

Please help. We have these channellocks and cannot find any information online about what they are used for. They have a hooked nose and a star that rotates to different dimensions. There is a screw that adjusts how far down they clamp. They say channellock 43 on the side of the pliers. Each section of the star has a number, 1, 2 ,3 , 4 ,5.
The closest we can find online is hooked nose dimple pliers but none have the star.

The look like a MacPherson Leather Co. eyelet removal pliers that I own.
They look similar to these:

Perhaps the “star adjuster” corresponds to different sized eyelets - allowing you to backup the eyelet hole more precisely.

Thank you. Just seems odd.

Is the brass a different thickness or radius at each point? It looks like the middle of the star might be slightly eccentric, but I can’t be sure from the photo.