Advice on a mid-range shop vacuum

I’ve had a Fein Turbo for a few years now and love it. Recently my dad was helping on a project and really enjoyed it as well…he’s got an old 16 gal Craftsman, so it’s a big difference. His birthday is coming up and was considering getting him an upgrade, but he doesn’t need nor do I want to spend the money on a Turbo for him. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for something in between the Fein/Festool dust extractor market and the cheap shop vacs from the big box stores. His primary wants (based on what he liked about the Fein) are less noise, better mobility/not tipping, better build quality, and auto filter cleaning (if it’s possible at a reasonable price point).

I saw this Karcher on Amazon and it seems like an option, but don’t see much in the way fo reviews. Open to other suggestions as well:

maybe a newer shopvac then. I bought a SS body 12 gallon 6hp one a while ago and with the dust bag and a filter it’s a great dust collector. meanwhile I take the dust bag out - and I run it with just the filter and use the 1.5 inch hose and kit to clean the cars with.

Noise - I don’t know if it’s quieter than what you are planning. But it’s not horrible with a muffler on the exit - which is another addon for cheap.

jThey do make hepa rated filters for them by the way

and mine doesn’t tip, pulls pretty easy on the hard ground. and when I need to pull up water - trade out the filter and bickety bam.

all for under 150 with accessories I added.

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Never ever buy anything Karch
If anything your Fein was a copy of NilFisk
Check their newer range for quality and value vacs