Advice on rechargeable LED flashlight


Finally I can contribute! I have plenty of lights. My best are m12 one usually around 90 bucks, but its 700 lm I believe. The Anker LC130 is superior in brightness and throw, but would not survive as well as Milwaukee products vs drops and strikes. I strongly prefer Anker for outdoor/hiking. Its large, and pricey. I used to think you got good deals on those are cheap crap.



I saw one ad (eBay? Amazon?) that was for a “lot” of cheapies - a kind that I have a few of and like. But the lumen rating was for the lot! Simple addition of over-inflated values. Nuts.

I bought a set of 10 for $22 via eBay. I lubed the battery compartment threads and put Loctite on the lens bezel (one earlier one had gotten lost due to loosening). Chucked the shitty carbon cells for Duracells. Lithium cells would be good if we were still in Chicago…

For less than $3 each, get a pile, put them all over. (But I did recently get an Olight when on sale - they’re far better but too expensive for a sack-full.)