Affordable Cordless Roofing Nailers?

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a cordless roofing nailer? Would prefer something affordable and from one of the major brands if possible. I’m well stocked with Ryobi 18V and Milwaukee M18, so something from them would be excellent, but I’m open to expanding the platforms if there’s something good out there from Dewalt, Makita, etc. at a decent price.

I did a quick Google search and came up empty. I have a Ryobi Airstrike brad nailer that has been awesome for trim work and glue ups.

Open to legacy/used tools too.

Not sure of anything out there… Yet. DeWalt is releasing one next year.

We did only occasional bits of roofing - subbing out bigger jobs to roofing contractors. We used some Hitachi pneumatics - and bought a Paslode fuel canister cordless - that I recall they guys tried and did not like. I do not think it is made anymore:

I suspect that we will see more cordless “heavy duty” guns soon.

The new m18 nailer from Milwaukee is a huge improvement over the previous version. The development of this tool makes me think that they’ve been basically trying to figure out how to make it work and maybe now they just need to “scale up” the design for framing and roofing.