Allwrencher ratcheting wrench

Hello all, tried multiple times to post on the main page, but it would not work. But I took the time to draft my experience and wanted to share it. I hope this helps someone as I lurk here and other people’s experience have helped me.

Hello, I purchased these recently. I like them and will buy other tools from them if the price is good. I am not a master with tools, but I lurk here a lot. I am not sure I know how to write a review, but here are my thoughts:

  1. Price: way too high (but I got lucky due to a price mistake)
    -Generally an adjustable will work anywhere this does with more sizes in ONE wrench.
    -ratcheting box ends are smaller, but can’t put the type of torque this will
    -But if space is a concern, how about a 6-point socket?
    -If space is not a concern, then you don’t need the ratcheting function, you can use any tools, especially much cheaper cresents.

  2. Build: Finish is decent, not highly polished, but smooth, the ink on the size is brown which helps me read it, but not engraved. Black ink would be better. States on it that it is CR-V-> You guys decide if that is a good steel, I don’t know. I really like the ratcheting action, but you need a large arc, AND, if your nut is loose, it’s the same problem you have with sockets, it won’t ratchet, it will turn the nut backwards. The handle has rounded edges and a slight round on the flat portion, so it’s smooth, but does not enhance grip much. There is a slight taper from the wrench head to the back. I disliked this part: The handle is too skinny for my hands. The longest fingers are gripping the thinnest part of the wrench (towards the head). I wish the handle was fatter, and the taper was the opposite.
    –The action is very smooth, but the pin that holds the head is not of the same finish quality, and i suspect, lesser build quality. It is brassy shade of gold, and doesn’t appear as precisely machined on the wrenches. However, maybe I’m just being picky.

  3. Torque: I overtightened the heck out of bolts with washers to prove a point: You can produce more force with these wrenches without rounding as compared to a 12-point/spline socket. I’ve rounded those off before. I believe someone else can better compare a 6-point socket / box end vs this wrench. All I have is 12-point sockets (craftsman).

  4. Access: You need a large arc. Also, the head is fat, so unlike the Proferred adjustable style wrench, you can get into trouble with thinner fastners/areas. For instance, I could not use this to attach my son’s bike pedals, the wrench head was too fat.

  5. Summation, I like them for the price I paid, but in terms of utility, I have a hard time honestly stating where they fit in. A mechanic would know better, I stated my views above. The best use is high torque in a space where there is a large arc and you need a great fit, but there is no room to use a hand to adjust the wrench. However, even then: remove the wrench, adjust it, then try again, and you get more sizes, all for a Home-depot price! Really the US-Market needs $20-40 sets. After that just go pro. These are too expensive for homeowners (but I got lucky), and i’ll let a PRO from your website opine on pro uses.

Hope that was helpful.

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the torque comment surprise me. now I’ve known 12 pt’s to slip a nut occasionally when the size wasn’t bang on. but I don’t often have that issue. quality and strength of the socket I think makes the difference there. My dad’s older craftsman 12’s would slip under high load.

The ratchet thing I believe is an afterthought of the design - the first goal was a auto-sizing adjustable wrench and hey being spring loaded you can backslip the head and do this. sort of thing. I mean really the size of the arc you need starts off at minium being 60 degrees - 6 points of the nut over 360. you have to slip to the next flat.

Glad to see it’s a useable idea.