Amazon dewalt 40v outdoor bare tool ad there and gone?

Anyone seen a deal on dewalt outdoor 40v? Saw an add on amazon…

I was perusing the amazon mobile app at 2am this morning and saw a deal for $30 off bare tool dewalt 40v outdoor lawn equipment. I went to cart with it and didn’t see a discount and I can’t find it anywhere this morning on the app or the site.

I have the 40v string trimmer and love it, and would like to get the hedge clippers next.

Maybe they were testing out the ad but aren’t ready to release the promotion, but hopefully this means its an upcoming deal?

Anyone have any clues?

(I posted this under father’s day tool deals on main site then figured I might as well register on the forum)

The closest thing to a deal I’ve seen was a month or so ago, when some Lowe’s stores dropped the prices of the kits to $249 and DeWalt had a rebate for a free battery. The tools are still $249 but the rebate is gone now.