Angle of socket/wrench just off a bit...

Trying to remove a bolt requiring a 6" socket extension. But… The access angle is off enough that I can not get a grip on the bolt. Help?

I’ve guess that you have tried the alternatives like using a wobble extension, adding a universal joint, using a flex/universal socket or using a flex extension (if not a lot of toque is required - all with a standard, flex-head or rotator style ratchet handle.

Great recommendations! If you-all hadn’t figured it out already… Prior to this, I only had a tool-chest of “basic” tools. I have now added a Roto Ratchet Set, Universal Joint Socket Set, and a Wobble Socket Extension Set. Fun, useful looking tools! I do need to add a Flexible Extension Bar Set. Wish I had asked for this advice before… Live and learn! PS: The Roto Ratchet got the job done! Thanks all!