Any ideas on FAST roofing tear off?

Ok I’m a roofer(amongst other things) and we just landed a 12 building apartment job totaling about 720 sq. The roof pitch is an easy walking 4-12 pitch with just a single cap and a few vents in each building. I’m fine with the tried and true roofing shovel tear off but I’m wondering if anyone has any great ideas or tricks to tear of in mass volume. Since I only get paid when the roofing gets installed I want to make the tear off as fast as possible! Not all the 720 sq is mine but it is an over $200k labor project and the faster I work the more piece of pie I get!

We never did roofing - left that to other contractors - but did see some tear-off machines in use on commercial buildings (flat roof). Not sure if any of these would work for you - or if they can be rented in your neck of the woods.

I see that Home Depot has one|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D22-Roofing|&gclid=CJy3_dSAgswCFQZZhgodmL0J3g&gclsrc=aw.ds

others via Google:

Probably going to use a crummy circular saw set about 3/8 or so and scoot it across in 4x4 squares, make use of some old blades.

take a peek at these blades:

at Amazon too: