Anyone knows Casaverde Diamond Core Drill Bits?

I was searching for diamond core drill bits and I found these, I can see some diamond particles on interior of the tube and also clearly on exterior of the tube, do you think it really has a use? I wonder they just want to make something new and good looking to catch more customers or really they want to improve the quality. I have used these bits a few times and they are quite annoying to work with.

The Amazon description says: “Side diamond protection facilitates any necessary boring.”

I have not used core drills like these before, but other designs usually have grooves or flutes for lower friction and higher debris removal speeds.

Maybe the feature on these could be to help reduce the chance of binding?

Wet-cutting core drills of similar diameter (I’m looking at McMaster) have smooth walls.

To drill the hole is one issue and to remove the round brick from inside the core drill bit is another issue. This may help with the second issue also, just a guess.