Apps or Tools to create Home Project

Hello Guys,

I am looking to renovate my house and have a long list of projects to complete. I read lot of articles online and kind of confused now on where to start ,what to start and how to start. Below is the order of projects I am planning to complete. I am not even sure if I am doing projects in the proper order. Any tips on the order of projects is appreciated.

Is there a app or project spreadsheet I can use to keep track of everything from budget, design, type of materials to buy, time frames, Contractor info or DIY. etc.

  1. I need to change flooring(laminate) in my Living room, Family room(with Fireplace), Dining Room, Kitchen(possible tile), 4 bedrooms. I am still deciding on the color of the laminate.
  2. I need to renovate my master bathroom and change the Toilets in all the bathrooms.
  3. I need to paint my whole house
  4. I need to replace all windows
  5. I need to replace HVAC

Thank you

I don’t know if there are any special apps for this but I’ve always used good 'ol Microsoft Excel for budgeting my projects and keeping track of what materials and parts I’m going to buy from where.

I’d advise doing the windows first, you’ll see energy savings from that so you might as well start getting a return on your investment ASAP. HVAC next for for the same reason.
Painting should be last. There’s no sense in putting up fresh paint and then having it get damaged or dirty with a bunch of later work going on inside the house. The only possible exception I could see is painting the area behind the toilets whenever you are changing them out, it’s much easier to paint the wall without the toilet in the way.