April Fools Tools

Over at the main Toolguyd Site - Suart posted about a new Ryobi Garage Door opener - which some comments said almost had the appearance of an April Fools Day Joke

More on that topic (April Fools) was provided at Tool Rank:

The folks at Lee Valley have also come through with a new innovation in honor of the day:


I forgot to mention that the Lee Valley tool purportedly has a fair Thorium content - perhaps making it suitable fro breeder reactor material - an added benefit of ownership

I was searching Lee Valley this morning for their April fools tool but I couldn’t find anything. I thought maybe they would skip it this year.

This has got to be one of my favorites, the guy under the router table turning the crank is hilarious.

Flat to within 0.002 Smoots, ha! They even Rick Rolled themselves. My hat is off to the Veritas guys.

I seemed to have missed the announcement about Klein’s 4/1 micro-brews - perhaps so “micro” as to be hard to find:


I loved the Lee Valley one this year.

What’s the best word to describe this? Cheeky?

The other two:
Battery life extender and Klein Beers - were cute too
But I think that the folks at Lee Valley/Veritas really outdid themselves yesterday. Almost every line in the description - from the very fist “perfect marriage of speed and risk” to the last bit about right and left handed versions (snipe hunts in Boy Scouts often had the new scouts searching for a left-handed smoke shifter) had something to chuckle about. As I noted, I particularly like the Thorium bit.