Barrel grip or top grip jig saw, whats your preference?

A few months ago I stumbled onto a pic of barrel grip jig saws. Instantly I thought it was a great idea, but wasnt sure if I was ready to throw down that much money just yet. So after a few days I thought I would cut the handle off 1 of my cheap old spares, and sure enough I was all in.

fast forward a couple months and I still hadn’t purchased a real 1 yet. Then 1 day I stumbled onto a convertable version from craftsman, I dont normally pay much attention to craftsman but I knew this was the one for me.

$80 later I found one locally and rushed out to buy it, that was it, I was in love. These feel so well balanced to me over the top handle units.

so my question is, what do you guys prefer?

Jigsaws are one of my least used tools but a must have, I have just a top grip Black and Decker orbital I got on clearance somewhere, works ok for the light use it gets, though I too am curious of others preferences and why.

Barrel –Grip all the way for me.

This was the first jig saw that I used with any regularity:

Then I switched to barrel-grip with this Bosch – and never went back to a top grip:

Upgraded to a 1584VS in 1995 – still have it with a Collins coping foot attached

then 2 years ago bought this one:

I got a top-handle cordless Makita BJV180Z as part of a kit – but gave it away.
I’ve thought to add a barrel grip cordless to my M12 lineup – but did not like how the 2445-20 felt in my hands:

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I have the Festool Carvex barrel grip but also have the DJV181 Makita (got through a Canadian distributor). I did a couple of videos on the Makita. I love them both, the Carvex is truly a wonderful machine but when I need a quick cut or I’m outdoors the Makita is a great tool to have.

OH YEAH, I was recently drooling over that makita, been adding everything cordless to my lineup over the last few months

This was my 1st crude setup to see if I liked it. Boy did I :slight_smile:

That is awesome! I’d be afraid of electrocuting myself but that’s slick!

I was very cautious when I 1st tried it…lol

Over on the ToolGuyd main site - recent discussion about Mafell tools

one contributor (Hans) posted this link

and the Mafell jigsaw can now be had at Toolnut:

@fred hehe I found this lil gem after googling barrel grip jigsaws… Was on toolmonger…

" fred says:
June 2, 2010 at 6:42 pm
I have been using Bosch barrel grip jigsaws for years and I’m a big fan of what I think is better control. We had several Bosch in-line (body-grip) jig saws too – that are now getting pretty long in the tooth – and are no longer made. They were good for cabinet intallations – reaching in to do outlet cutouts etc. I think that their closest current “cousin” is the Ridgid Fuego inline reciprocating saw – but it lacks the finesse of using jigsaw blades with the older Bosch. I’ve heard some folks say that if you have smaller hands – you might not like a barrel grip saw – but my hands are not overly large and it suits me fine."

Yeah - BTW the inline jigsaw was a Bosch 3294EVS - and I do recall that the guys liked them

and here is the Fuego:

Today - they guys might be grabbing an oscillating multi-tool to do that work - or a cordless reciprocating saw like a Milwaukee Hackzall