Best 7 1/4" Mitre Saw - DEWALT 20v Max vs m18 Fuel Milwaukee vs Others

So I’m trying to narrow down my choices for a portable, (28-33lb ideally) quick trim work saw. I’m stuck between 2 choices and curious if anyone had any experience with these saws.

Basically I have it down to these:

I already have batteries and chargers for dewalt and milwaukee, so I’m just curious about quality, and if anyone has a uses these. Also if there are any comparable in quality, size, features in corded which will last. Thanks for any help.

Today’s deal of the Day at HD:

A little better pricing plus battery, charger, and extra blade

Thanks, I saw that an hour after I posted, and purchased it. Luckily i was able to use an additional 10% off lowes coupon that they matched bringing me down to the same price as the dewalt… from there is was a no brainer.

Let us know how you are liking the 7 ¼ Milwaukee. It looks like a great saw. I own the DeWalt and love it. I had checked out the larger milwaukee on shelves before and didn’t like the amount of play in the blade/motor armature in comparison the the DeWalt. The 7 ¼ dewalt has nice tight tolerances with very little play. I mostly found play in the large milwaukee when pulling down on the handle to lower the blade and I could easily twist the armature putting a slight degree of angle to the blade. It just felt too flimsy to me so I went with he smaller DeWalt.