Best hardwood flooring nailer?

Looking for a new hardwood nailer to finish a room soon and I want the best quality I can get. What are you guys using?

Without reservation I’d recommend the tool from Powernail:

I was looking for a cheaper source - but it seems to cost a bit more at Home Depot and some other vendors. We have a local supplier who stocks the cleats at an OK price - but is way expensive on the tool.

Powernail FLEX Power Roller

Yeah that’s a little pricey. I’ll have to do more research on them. I’ve always been willing to pay more to get the best quality with tools, so if I do more research and decide they’re worth that price, I’ll consider them. The only thing I see from the picture is it looks kinda bulky. My biggest thing is smaller side. The more rows you can do with it closer to the wall instead of having to use the finish nailer the better

I was just responding to yur request for the best quality you can get. The model I recommended is what we moved to after many years of using Porta-Nailers, Bostitch nailers and Bostitch staplers - all OK but not up to this tool. Powernail also makes less expensive models - without the rollers and without the shoe adjustability. If you do 5 or 6 different flooring installations a month - these features are quite appreciated - but may not be cost-effective for folks doing only a few jobs a year.

BTW - for close to the wall use - rather than just using a finish nailer - and face nailing the boards - you might want to try a Crain 559 - that we found useful on some jobs.