Best place to buy Festools

Hi All,

I’m looking to buy a Festool Tracksaw. What online stores would people recommend? I think I have read they are rarely discounted, so no sales tax is probably the key. I’d also consider doing an EU store, long term I will be moving back to the UK so 240V is fine.

I’m looking at the Festool 575387 TS 55 Plunge Cut Track Saw.



I wouldn’t recommend buying from overseas, you’ll be left with no warranty. At least if you buy here, you can kick the tires on the saw and you have the initial part of the warranty, at least until you leave the country.

The sales tax thing is becoming hit or miss as online retailers are moving to collect tax in all 50 states. Amazon and CPO are charging tax.

The best deal I’ve found lately is monitoring eBay for their limited time coupons for 10-15% off. They just did one two days ago, so it may be weeks or months before you see another. Hartville Hardware in Ohio sells on eBay and I’ve been buying from them on and off eBay for over 5 years and have found them to be very good. They even list the package deals on eBay with dust extractors or MFT (I think), so you can also get the 10% Festool savings.

Other good smaller retailers are Bob Marino and Toolnut ( I don’t know where they stand with tax collection at this time, but both are a pleasure to deal with. Acmetools is also very good to deal with, but don’t order items indicated as backordered. Their boilerplate message indicated the warehouse is acquiring the product in 7-10 days is not always true. I can confirm as of a few weeks ago they aren’t collecting tax yet.

Thanks, maybe I’ll split the difference, by the track and a few other non-electrical things from the UK and the saw from the US.

I like Acme as well!

Festool - except when that are having a rare promotion - and its usually not on mainline tools - is as you observe - sold at the same price at all authorized dealers. Most of them ship for free.

Saving sales tax or ordering from afar seems like an OK idea - with perhaps the tracks being an exception The tracks, IMO, do not travel well in their Festool cartons - and can be subject to damage in transit. That may be more true for the longer ones. I had an issue with FS 1900 (nominal 75 inch) arriving bent - so for the business we ended up buying locally and picking them up. When I bought my FS 2700 (approx. 106 inch) - I ordered from Amazon - because back then (early 2014) they shipped via a small carrier - and it arrived inside a protective wooden crate that I still use for storage. It might be worth talking to the prospective vendor about how they ship… BTW - I’ve bought Festool items online from Acme, Hartville Tool and ToolNut - and all three seem knowledgeable about what they sell.

Thanks Fred - Good point about the tracks. A friend has made me a hard to refuse offer for my Dewalt, their tracks arrive in wooden boxes and were very well protected. Ordering from should mitigate this problem, even internationally they take care of returns.



We’re obviously a bit biased but we have a really good Festool selection at Marson Equipment for people in Canada or the US.

Thanks, I will definitely include you in my list of sites to check out!

No problem. Hope you find what you’re looking for

ToolNut/Festool Products has been my go-to. I’ve also ordered from Amazon, and a few years ago ToolNut via Amazon.

With my first ToolNut purchase years ago, I was hooked as a customer when they answered the phone on a Saturday and were able to help me with something minor.

Lee Valley is also a Festool dealer now.

If you don’t have a Festool dust extractor and you want one, now’s the time to consider it b/c they have bundle discounts, although the eventual voltage difference after your move might be cause for hesitation.

Just a thought - since you’ll be moving eventually, would their cordless track saw make more sense? Although… price-wise buying a USA track saw and later an EU track saw doesn’t cost all that much more than a cordless track saw kit.

In the UK apparently 120v converters on a job site are common, maybe because of safety or compatibility with the US. So i’m not too concerned about taking my 120v tools with me.

I have leaned towards battery in most cases but only if it’s practical and not cost prohibitive…