Best Pocket-able Multi-bit Screwdriver Options?

Greetings fellow tool enthusiasts!

Disclaimer (I previously submitted this question directly to Stuart, prior to being aware of the Toolguyd forum. I now see that this is likely the more appropriate venue for my query. Please excuse the questions directed specifically to Stuart)


I am a long time tool user/fan/horder, and have recently been on a quest for a for the “perfect” pocket-able multi-bit screwdriver. In the midst of my search I stumbled across your blog. After reading a few of your articles and reviews I became hooked, and proceeded to read through nearly your entire archive. I find you reviews both very informative and well put together, and appreciate the additional knowledge that can be gleaned from the comment section. I’d like to commend you on a job well done, and let it be known that my only disappointment comes from not being aware of your blog sooner.

All that said, I do have an actual question; As I previously stated, I am searching for the “perfect” pocketable multi-bit screwdriver. I know in your reviews you have covered numerous options, but I was hoping you might have some more specific knowledge when it comes to the size of the actual tools.

I work for a small phone company/ISP, and handle all of the trouble calls and customer equipment installations. My day can vary greatly from working in a basement or crawlspace, to hanging off of an antenna tower to install a wireless radio. I am fairly heavy into EDC, and have carried many variations of multitools and pocket-tools over the years, but have come to find that the one feature that is typically lacking in multitools is the screwdriver function, especially as far as additional/specialized bits are concerned. I have both the old and new bit sets for Leatherman, along with the bit extension, but have found them difficult to access when needed, and uncomfortable to use for more than a few turns. A while back I finally decided that a dedicated multi-bit screwdriver was the way to go.

After much research (a lot of it via your blog) I purchased the Wera Kraftform Kompact 25. In my eyes it is nearly perfect, but for one shortcoming. I love the bayonet function, giving both compact carry length and the ability to use it as a full sized screwdriver. I also appreciate the onboard bit storage and ease of access. My only gripe is in regards to the diameter of the handle. I know it is in part due to the ability to house six bits, and also the design of Wera’s grip, but I find it is a bit too large to comfortably carry even in my cargo pocket.

I know that you are a big proponent of the PB Swiss Insider series, and I did consider it strongly, ultimately deciding on the Wera for the bayonet feature. Based on your reviews, I believe you own both options. Is the handle of the PB Swiss any slimmer? Are there any other options of multi-bit drivers with bit storage that would meet my needs that you could recommend? My carried bits could be limited to as few as four, and as nice as the bayonet function of the Wera is, I wouldn’t consider it a necessity. I do however, really like the Rapidadaptor chuck, and would prefer a locking bit holder, or at least a really strong magnet Any advice/options would be greatly appreciated, and I will include my desired functions/dimensions below.

-Under 6" overall length (5 or less even better)
-Bit storage for 4 bits (could get away with 3 if absolutely necessary)
-Handle diameter under 1 1/4" (the smaller the better)
-bayonet function prefered but not required
-locking chuck, or very strong magnet

  • All-in-one tool ( do not want to carry bits separately)

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

P.S. Any pictures you could include of size comparison would be great, as most of the options I have considered are not available for me to handle without purchasing them first.

I can see the utility built into a multi-bit screwdriver but I am not a big fan of them.
Going off to college, I did buy my kids each one. I think what I bought were the rather ubiquitous ones from Klein. We had bought Klein and Greenlee multi-bit screwdrivers over the years for the businesses

More recently, I see that Milwaukee is selling a number of different sets (same handle with different bits) presumably aimed at different trades. I’ve handled some at Home Depot and they don’t seem particularly refined to me. I’ve also handled some of the Kobalt branded ones at Lowes and the ones I looked at seemed kind of heavy in the hand (IMO that’s good for oranges but not for screwdrivers)

Over the years some of my guys would ask that we buy/stock some - often what was trendy at the time. I don’t recall any 100% groundswell of enthusiasm for any one brand - but remember some positive comments about ones from Megapro:

We also bought ones from Picquic:

Thank you for the response. I am aware of a multitude of brands of multi-bit drivers available, but my question is geared more towards what specific models (if any) are available that meet my specific requirements that I laid out at the end of my post. Hoping to get feedback from someone who has used and been pleased with a specific model that would meet my needs.

As I said, I don’t like multi-tip screwdrivers in general so I’ve not personally tested a batch side by side. I gave you the link to PicQic - because - my crews had used them - with no complaints - but I don’t recall any great praise either. Like many tools - screwdrivers’ “beauty” is in the eye of the beholder. What fits my big mitts is usually anathema to my wife and so on. I do know that PicQuic makes smaller - shorter handled multibit drivers - perhaps in greater variety (colors that is) than some other manufacturers:

Maybe some ToolGuyd reader will be able to share personal experience.

I’ve happily carried the 140mm version of the PB Swiss Insider 2 in my pocket. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and hard to fault. PB Swiss oozes quality.

Note that there are several different versions of the PB Swiss Insider (stubby, 125mm, 140mm and 215mm in non-ratcheting, plus the various ratcheting versions).

Incidentally, I’ve found that PB Swiss bits are the best I’ve ever tried (even better than Wera).

Thank you Dan!

Any chance you would happen to have a dimension for the diameter of the handle for any of the PB Swiss Insider models? (I’ve yet to see this information published anywhere online) That is my main concern at this point, as all other aspects of the tools have been vouched for very favorably from what I’ve seen.

You could try finding the product on Amazon and asking there. You may even be able to e-mail or somehow contact pb Swiss directly. Have You Considered A Belt Holster That Holds A Screwdriver? I Personally LIke Carhartt / Dickies Style Work Pants With long skinny tool pockets on the legs, preferably both legs and no hammer loop. I haven’t found be bdu style cargo pants to be useful as the pockets are too big and low. Also a couple brands have big cargo pockets, almost like carpenters bags, that hang in front of the regular front pockets (duluth trading makes some). That or a single pouch that attaches to your belt, this is what I use for my work edc currently with a multi bit screwdriver, a small Channellock, utility knife, notepad, small tape measure and whatever other misc. small Tool or stuff.

Just found another potential screwdriver. Probably the wrong bit sizes, check out the Klein 32581.
I will say your search is difficult because screwdrivers are sized to be used ergonomically/comfortably and for good torque based on tip size. Nearly all multi bit screwdrivers are fat (in your opinion) because that works best for most people

The Wiha 3809 284 series meet all of your criteria with the exception of handle diameter. The advantage this driver has over the Wera Kraftform Kompact 25 is its multiple length settings and IMO a more comforatable handle.
Downside compared to the Wera is the handle can only accept Wiha Direct Loc bits, you cant use power bits directly in the handle.

I had considered emailing PB Swiss directly, just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I was also hoping someone might be able to post comparison pictures as those would be far easier to tell the difference in size versus going off a dimension alone. I currently belt carry a multi-tool in a sheath on my left side, and a pair of Klein electrician’s scissors on my right side. I recently stopped belt carrying my old style Leatherman bit kit, and would like to avoid adding anything else to my belt.

I have 5 pairs of the same Cabela’s cargo pants that I wear for work that are fairly new, so I’d prefer to base my carry on what the pants will allow and not the other way around (at least until they need to be replaced). The cargo pockets are at a good height for access, and currently only hold my wallet on one side and a flashlight in the other. I have a Klein tool pouch in the truck for my single use dedicated tools, but pouches don’t hold the tools very securely and typically don’t fare well in a crawl space, or on an antenna tower. My hope was to have the minimum amount of tools required, and not feel like I’m lugging around an entire tool bag in my pockets.

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions; I certainly appreciate your willingness to contribute towards finding a workable solution.

I know my requirements are going to be difficult to meet based on both what you said about handle ergonomics, and the fact that internal bit storage tends to add to the bulk of a handle. My driver is primarily used for opening various enclosures throughout our network, or for snugging down small set screws on wire connectors. That said, it is very infrequent that I require much torque at all, which opens me up to a much smaller/ less grip friendly handle diameter.

Common sense would say that a micro driver would solve my issue of handle diameter. Unfortunately, at least 2 of the bits I use regularly are not available in anything smaller than 1/4" hex bits.

Just another idea: Use a socket driver that takes hex bits. Socket drivers are skinnier than screwdrivers (I suppose because they have plenty of torque.) The disadvantages are they can be heavy, and also you have to carry the bits separately, maybe with an extender when you need the reach. There are some tiny ones out there, some even of decent quality.

Have you read this?

Stuart says - “The main appeal of the Insider is of course its size. At about 4 3/4″ long, and 1 5/32″ at the widest part of the handle, the Insider is extremely portable. Since all of the edges of the tool are rounded, the Insider can be comfortably carried even in a front pants pocket”

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I could’ve sworn I read everything related to the Insider, but obviously I missed that part somehow. Thank you very much for pointing that out!