Best price for this Ryobi basic combo?

Hello folks. Home Depot has a Ryobi brushless drill/driver and impact driver kit with two 1.5 Ah batteries on sale right now for $129. Is there any reason to believe the price will drop any lower, like for Black Friday?

It looks like last year the same kit went on sale for $139 for Black Friday, but maybe this year is different. (They’re not for me. I’m giving them to a nonprofit.)

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I can’t say for sure what black Friday has in store but that looks like a rather good deal to me. We have that model drill at work and it is far superior to its predecessors that I have used from Ryobi.
I wouldn’t regret that purchase price even if a dipped a little lower later.


I don’t follow the prices on Ryobi so I can’t help there, but do note that Home Depot has a fantastic policy that works like this: if you buy something from HD and it then goes on sale LATER, you can bring your receipt by and they will honor the better price. I believe you get 30 days after the purchase date.

I used this just recently. I bought a DCF923B about a week ago for full price. Late last week they announced a balck friday sale where if you bought the bare tool you got a 5ah battery for free. I brought my receipt back this past Saturday and they hooked me up with the free battery. So I wouldn’t worry about Home Depot putting them on sale for Black Friday. If they do, just bring your receipt to customer service.

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Fantastic, I didn’t know that. Thanks MechaMan!

Thanks Joel! I figured for this nonprofit doing building maintenance, Ryobi would be versatile and inexpensive.