Best socket storage (in drawer)

Hey All,

I’m looking to buy a socket organizing system. Or build one if that more sense. It’s for use in a drawer (23x23 or 23x15).

I’ve looked at Olsa and Ernst, they look perfectly functional. Westling looks pretty nice to.

Does anyone have opinions on these or alternatives?



Westling is the way to go. The rails are heavy enough that they will not shift around in the drawer and the socket mounts hold well enough that I have yet to have a socket fall out.

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I worked many years in individual maintenance. we had a mixture of sae and metric. a lot of the time, we weren’t working near our tool chest. what worked well for me was was magnetic rails with 10 to 19mm on half of a rail and 7/16 to 3/4 on the other half. this made it easy to grab one rail and go. I did the same thing with my 1/4 and 1/2" drive sets.

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