Best table saw at Home Depot for Black Friday


I have a gift card to HD and am looking to buy a 10" table saw and rolling stand.

I’d like to spend no more than $399, if possible.

Any recommendations?


Without knowing what your requirements for cutting capacity, dado capability, usage (furniture, cabinetry, general use) preference for corded v cordless; please take this as a generic statement.

In that price range, with the requirements of being sold at Home Depot and a rolling stand, I think you’re limited to Ryobi (10” Extended Capacity with rolling stand is selling online for $269 @HD) or Rigid (10” with rolling stand is selling online for $349 @ HD) . I personally haven’t used either of those saws, but if you’re not doing furniture or cabinetry work, take your time with calibrating the saw, buy a quality blade for your application, and stay within the saws limits; they will work well for most applications. This is not to say they can’t be used for fine carpentry work… they just won’t have many features or cutting capacity furniture makers desire. Between these options, on paper I’d opt for the Rigid, but again I’ve not used either of them.

Keep in mind, with Black Friday approaching, new deals seem to be coming every day. Whether there will be a table saw, I’m not sure. But I haven’t table saw deals at HD so far.

HD also sells the Evolution 10” table saw with rolling stand for $379; but until today I wasn’t even aware of that manufacturer and couldn’t give it a recommendation.

If you remove the requirement of a rolling stand, your choices significantly increase at that price range.

I personally use the Dewalt DW745. It is a great saw (needed some out of the box calibration) and was selling as low as $229, however it appears to be discontinued. Maybe you can find a used one near you in an online marketplace. An indirect replacement is the Dewalt 8 1/4” model ($399 online at HD) but it will not include a stand and the cutting capacity may be a limiting factor.

Bosch also sells a couple saws, depending on the configuration they are within your price range. Again, I’ve not used them and online reviews (take them with a grain of salt as I find many complaints in online reviews to be attributed to user error or using tools beyond their designed capacity) aren’t great for the Bosch saws- but may be worth a look.

Last bit of advice, check this site post and the comments. Other readers have recommended trusted reviewers who test tools and those recommended sources might give you some good insights.

Do let us know what you ultimately decide to purchase.

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I have this Bosch unit that’s been very good to me for a few years now.
A requirement for me was that it had to be easy to move since I store it folded up in my garage. I have used dados much as I typically use it for ripping or crosscutting. But it hasn’t let me down so far and is pretty good quality without being some 500lb unit that is basically stuck in place. Do your research here and pick up one that best meets your needs.