BF Deals on Electrical Test Equipment

Anyone know of any sites that may have holiday sales on electrical test equipment. I’m in the market for a low voltage tester/mapper for LAN, Coax, and phone cables such as the Klein Scout Pro 3. I’m also interested in a new traditional (non-clamp) multimeter. I’m looking to spend under a $100 for each item, preferably less. It appears that HD and Lowes won’t be featuring this

I have not compared prices but have you tried this site:

If you sign up with them they may offer some deals - and there is usually a 5% off deal going on

Thanks. I never heard of them but looks like an interesting site. I’ll see if my brother in-law has an account with them, as he buys a lot of stuff for his university research lab.

I should have noted that the links are for 2 different companies