Bondhus Pro-hold vs. Wiha Magic Ring vs Wera Holding Function

Talk to me about Allen keys with a ‘holding function’.

Are Bondhus Pro-hold, Wiha Magic Ring and Wera Holding Function hex keys much of a muchness? Is there any difference between them?

I reviewed Wiha MagicRing ball hex drivers a few years ago:

Bondhus has a yellow plastic nib, Wiha MagicRing has a metal c-clip of some kind.

I use both when convenient. If I use my other more favored drivers, I sometimes drop fasteners.

My Bondhus and Wiha drivers are different styles - screwdriver form factor vs. L-key, and so comparison is difficult. I think Wiha’s is more durable and secure, but that can be a downside if you want to move from fastener to fastener quickly.

It’s a hard call to say which is better. They’re both good, and I guess the deciding factor is whether you want a little retention or a lot, and how much you’re willing to spend.

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Thanks, Stuart. I have a couple of the Wiha Magic Ring drivers, and they are top quality. However, I find they do slow down moving from fastener to fastener. Hence I was wondering about the Bondhus Prohold or Wera HF alternatives.

I was considering the Bondhus Prohold, but some Amazon reviews suggested the plastic ball can wear down eventually. Have you come across this issue?

I’ve always found Wiha’s quality to be outstanding except for the fancy Allen key holder. The holder’s mechanism that opens and closes the L-wrenches together wears out quickly. In my case, vibration caused the holder to fall apart altogether!