Bosch 12v belt clip hack?

I just got a Bosch flexiclick as an addition to my makita 18v with plans of purchasing a few more tools. For some reason this older model doesn’t have a belt clip or an attachment point. Anyone know of any aftermarket hacks? It doesn’t seem to difficult!

Also, If anyone has thoughts on their 12v multi tool I’d love to hear them!

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I printed a couple of these. Don’t always use them, but it doesn’t seem to inhibit my use or get in the way. Simple fix if you have a 3d printer or access to one:

As for the multitool, I have the old non-EC version, but I’ll share my thoughts:

  • decent ergonomics, but the switch is hard to turn off with the same hand you hold it with.
  • lack of tool-free changing and no on-tool allen key storage is a terrible decision - I believe this still applies to the EC version as well.
  • underpowered - it doesn’t have a wide enough arc for wood, really, so unless you mostly want it for drywall or scraping tasks, it’s weak and heats the blade fast for the work done (which means less blade life)
  • terrible battery life - EC may have fixed this or at least improved, but this think chews through batteries. Maybe with one fo the big battery packs it would be better, but with my 2aH it lasts less time than it takes to charge another one (maybe 10 minutes continuous at best?).

All in all I wish I had gone corded or gone with a cordless 18v version (Makita didn’t have one at the time). I’ve considered upgrading a number of times, but it’s just slightly good enough for how often I use it. That said, I wouldn’t recommend it over other options.

Awesome, thank you. My brother has a 3D printer so I’ll definitely try that out!

Good points, I’ll probably hold off on the multi tool. The reviews for the newer version seem mixed and I find it difficult to trust some reviews these days. Mostly it would be to supplement my makita 18v for those smaller, quick jobs. The makita works well but it is heavy and unwieldy. The lack of Allen key storage on the Bosch is a big drawback for me and seems like lazy design. Whenever or if ever makita releases a brushless and hopefully more compact multi tool I’ll upgrade to that.