Bosch 12v clearance at Lowes?

I’ve been considering buying a 12v drill and have been comparing some different brands. Over the past couple of weeks the Bosch 12v drills at Lowes have gone form $129 to $99 and now they’re $89. Does anyone know if Lowes or Bosch are discontinuing the line, or is Bosch clearing inventory for a newer 12v system?

I can’t speak about Lowes’ plans but I’ve bought a few tools within the Bosch 12V lineup and have been very pleased with all of them! (drill, driver, lights, multi-tool, reciprocating saw). Rotary tool is likely next one to add. Highly recommend them!

Why not try SKIL 12V? I saw them in some of Lowe’s stores. The brushless kit price is just $69 with an additional free battery,