Bosch Screw Bits at Lowes?

Anyone else noticing Bosch screwdriver bits not being stocked as usual at Lowes? Been to a couple of stores over the past couple of months and noticed they have not been restocking. Went to the Lowes website and they have almost none listed and the only three-pack remaining (the way most have always been sold) was on clearance. I’m wondering if they’ve been pushed out by Craftsman, which is pitiful if you ask me. Never been a DeWalt bit fan either, so it looks like I’m going to going to HD for Milwaukee (I guess?) or sticking with Bosch and buying them online. Either way, this really sucks if what I’m thinking is happening is correct.

I’ll keep the faith and hope they’re just getting ready to release some new and improved line right before the holidays, but we’re on the holidays’ doorstep so who knows.

Forget about Bosch, Milwaukee or DeWALT screwdriver bits, if you can find them in US go for this:

This brand does make only bits and all made in Germany.

In the USA - Wekador is as common as hen’s teeth. You probably can find some from on eBay from German or UK sellers.

My experience is now something like 10 years old - but back then we were happy buying Apex bits in bulk (e.g. 100 pieces) and found their USA-Made quality/longevity very good

Not UK sellers really, But mostly German sellers, there are some Russian, Dutch and Belgian websites selling good range of their bits.
Apex bits are good but very difficult to find here in the UK. They are very durable.

Does Apex give this size?

Or Security hex size 1.5mm

A quick look at the Apex online catalog:

They make a 1.5mm hex insert bit: Part # 185-1.5MM - but no 1mm

They make a 1.5mm hex power drive bit: Part # AM-1.5MM - but no 1mm

I don’t see any tamper resistant bits listed

I forgot to tell that Elora Screwdriver bits are made by Wekador, exactly the same quality. You might find Elora bits on US Amazon.