Bosch USA shenanigans

So Stuart’s latest post (that damn trouble maker) got me looking at OMTs and I see that the GOP18v-28n is on Bosch USA’s website but I can’t actually find one to buy anywhere. But on the other hand, I see a few other new things on that I haven’t seen before like the BC1880 18v fast charger (meets new regulations?) and the GLI18V-1900N 18v led floodlight (no magnets? 5/8-11 tripod mount?).

I’ve noticed that there seems to be someone on ebay selling Bosch (possibly full EU tool line) tools from Korea at less than completely insane prices. Have any of you ordered one from them?

I still really want a GWS10.8-76V-EC Compact Angle Grinder and this seller from Korea seems to have that and many other tools.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about picking up a few higher capacity 12v and 18v packs and it looks like you can get the 6Ah 18v packs on ebay pretty cheap these days but I have to wonder if the new Bosch Core18v packs are using the new 20700 cells which since I’ve studied the data sheets, I know they should perform much better up to around 500-600 cycles.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking around industrial estates in Korea. The power tool market is dominated by home grown tool brands. Decent build and competitive prices but lacking the newest features. Some of the brands we are used to are available but not that widespread. Of the foreign brands, Bosch is the most visible with tools mostly made in Malaysia I think.

From what i’ve handled, the quality looks exactly the same worldwide but you will not be getting a European made tool shipped the long way round the world with Korean import duty added for a “reasonable” price. This will be made in a Bosch factory with Bosch quality control someplace in asia.

If the price plus shipping are right I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Korea. Buying mail order always has some risk of inconvenience if you have to return the goods but I have bought several things mail order from Korean sellers with no problem at all.

I’ve bought Bosch GDR 18V-EC from Korea on ebay and haven’t been disappointed at all. Just make sure the individual you are buying from has good reviews and you should be all set. Quite a few of them offer free shipping as well and does take to long to arrive maybe 10 days or so.