Bosch's New 18V CORE 6.3Ah

I finally got my hands on these new batteries via ebay Ebay Link $105 each battery. Amazon is also now selling these individual battery’s. Amazon Price $120.

When I tried it on my Bosch IDH182 impact driver the power difference very noticeable when comparing to 6.0 amp which is really amazing. The only downside is the 6.3 ah won’t fit the 18v vacuum and doesn’t lock in when connected to the 18v Circle Saw (although it fits well enough to power on and is actually rather snug). If I shave a very small amount of plastic off the circles saw it should snap in (Update-Bosch has indicated that if the Circle Saw does not fit you can have a Bosch Service Center make a simple modification to accommodate the footprint of the CORE18V battery). The battery fits all the drills/drivers, planner, recip saw, rotary hammer, and bandsaw that I have. Can’t wait to actually use it with the planner as it felt really powerful when giving it a test.

Bosch must be developing bigger and more powerful tools for these new batteries that can use them to there full potential. (if anyone has some inside info I’d love to hear it)

I believe the belief was that it didn’t matter what the amp of the battery was the tool would perform the same. This is 100% not the case.

Very nice! Looks like things are shaping up nicely from Big Blue.

How are you getting along with those Core batteries after almost a year? I read a review somewhere, maybe Dan Pattison did it, and the reviewer used a tachometer of some sort to prove the core batteries increased rpm and some other performance specs when compared to smaller Bosch batteries. I can notice a big difference on my ccs180 circular saw. And the reverse, a fresh fo the charger slim pack will let my rotary hammer stall in a4 inch deep ¼” concrete drilling application but the core, never, it flies through.

I love these batteries. So far no matter what I’ve been working on I’ve never run out of juice. So far absolutely no issues with them. Still waiting on Bosch to release some new updated tools to take full advantage. Hopefully this year. We’ll see, but I’m fine with what I have.