Brass with wood inlay bevel gauge

In the process of doing online research for a project, I came across a very nice bevel gauge that is very similar to the Vesper product but half the price. Unfortunately, I neglected to bookmark the source and now I can not find it. Is anyone familiar with this tool?

Not sure what you were looking at but maybe look at these:

I haven’t seen many with the locking knob at the base of the main leg. Lee valley did offer one under the veritas name that has a locking lever at the pivot, but it’s no longer available. That seemed like a nice alternative. You might find one floating around on eBay. Same for the woodpeckers version which was released two times, in two different sizes. I have one, but oddly I prefer the thumbscrew over the little barbel they used. That nitpick aside, it works great.

But if the locking thumbscrew at the base is what you’re after, the blue spruce version is unlikely to disappoint. I would even gamble that it’s made better but I might be splitting hairs. I have a vesper square which is nicely made and highly functional. I recently had a chance to pick up a few blue spruce items and they are stunningly beautiful (and of course functional). I’ll be back for a few more selected items, and I would not hesitate to recommend. Unfortunately the bevel gauge was not among the tools I picked up, so I can’t give you a first hand account.

Sorry, I just realized you specifically stated brass with wood infill in the subject. The blue spruce is only available in aluminum. I tried searching and only came up with common Chinese made varieties available in the usual mass market stores. These all have a locking wingnut or thumb screw at the pivot. Bridgecitytools used to make this sort of stuff (brass with infill) in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Maybe there is an older variant available on eBay? Current tolls are more aluminum and stainless.

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Bridge City made (now discontinued) other brass and wood bevel gauges other than the TB1 - I linked to above:

Thanks! fred - I am familiar with the tools you suggest and do own the Woodpeckers unit. The gauge I seek is almost identical to Vesper’s expect for the shape of the inlay and its price. - Take Care, JTM

THANKS - RKA for your response please see my reply to fred. Take Care - JTM

Thanks for your reply.

When I thought of brass and wood – woodworking tools (and being a hand plane collector) a few other sources came to mind but I did not see a bevel gauge approaching what you refer to - beyond Blue Spruce or Bridge City:

Some other sources of tools you may be familiar with include:

Discovered some interesting products from this list. Thanks Fred

The early Bridge City tools - the ones that made their reputation - are still some of the finest I’ve seen.

I can appreciate the desire for a good bevel gauge. I have only a cheap one and the blade does not lock up with 100% reliability. When you can’t trust a tool, it really puts you off using it …