Buck QuickFire Knife - USA-made, $35

I ordered a couple of budget knives for review, one being the Buck QuickFire.

This is my early take on it. More use and testing is needed before a formal ToolGuyd review will be ready.


I’m not terribly impressed by the ergonomics, but I suppose I’ll get used to it as I use and test it more for review. The QuickFire doesn’t really fit my hand perfectly, with the bump in front (finger guard?) being a little too long.

One thing I do like is that it has a “safety” that locks out the assisted opening mechanism.

I think that this knife would also be great as a manual knife, but assisted opening knives are far more popular these days.

I wish it had a flipper for blade deployment, but that would likely drive up the cost.

The knife is a GREAT value for the money.

The QuickFire is nothing like the Kershaw Leek that I reviewed.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing - variety is good. But I think that the Leek has a more refined design.

I do enjoy a spring assisted knife, and I’ve had a few, but I still prefer my Klein 44000-BLK Black knife over any others I’ve encountered.