Buying M18 tools on Amazon

Has anyone purchased Milwaukee m18 power tools on Amazon? They have a hell of a price on the m18 Fuel router at just $139 which is $60 less than home depot and unfortunately $40 less (and a lot faster to receive) than Acme tools, who I would typically purchase through.

I don’t see anywhere that this is a refurbished item and it’s fully returnable.

Are there any “gotchas” that I am missing?

I haven’t purchased any Milwaukee tools thru Amazon but I have purchased a large number power tools thru Amazon without issue.

My recommendation to you would be to answer these questions in the affirmative. Is the item being sold directly by Amazon? Are there Free Returns? Are the user reviews positive as to the purchase (not necessarily the features or product itself)?

If yes to the above; my opinion is that’s it’s a relatively safe transaction and if you are getting free returns nearly risk free.

If any of the above are a no, I’d dig further into the sellers feedback. That can be done relatively easily on the desktop site (not sure as to how to do it in the Amazon app).

I do not believe Amazon is an authorized retailer of Milwaukee tools. Which means that you have no idea of the origin of the tool. It is not going through the normal distribution channels, so it makes you wonder exactly where it is coming from. I would treat any Milwaukee Tools sold there as highly suspect and also worry about voiding the warrantee. Milwaukee is usually pretty good about it, but there are some companies that absolutely wont touch items not sold from an authorized retailer.

I haven’t but have thought about it. I usually buy my Milwaukee tools from Northern Tool with $20.00 off coupon but Home Depo has sometimes better bundles that makes them the better choice