Cable/Cord Organization

For storing and organizing INDIVIDUAL cables, power cords, hoses, etc., my preference is to use a binder clip.

Let me start by saying that I use the over under technique wen rolling my cables. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials for this technique. IMO this is the best way to care for your cables. It prevents tangling, twisting and kinking whilst enabling an efficient and consistent way to quickly, neatly and uniformly store cables. This technique is also how I manage the garden hose (no hose reel).

After rolling up my cords I have tried a lot of different ideas in order to keep them rolled:

  1. Tape - leaves residue and is wasteful
  2. hook and loop -wears out, easily lost when not in use
  3. bungee cords - elasticity wears out easily lost
  4. wrapping the tail - creates twists and kinks
  5. twist ties - break and easily lost
  6. no wraps - harder to transport and usually doesn’t stay rolled up

My experience with binder clips has been very positive:

  1. come in many sizes accommodating different gauges and lengths
  2. remain with the cable when not in use
  3. don’t break
  4. have a nice surface allowing them to be labeled can labeled on the side(s) or back
  5. they also come in different colors

Further, the springs can be removed and stored

  1. separately, if you don’t remove the clip or 2. removed and intertwined with the wire

For cords like this I use zip ties. I use them a lot for work and hobby projects too so I always have plenty on hand in a variety of sizes and colors.
I like your binder clip idea though, while I’ve never thought to use those for cord control I find they are very handy in the workshop: they make useful clamps, they hang up drawings, they can hold wires or hoses out of your work area, they can be used to secure plastic or cardboard for masking purposes, to hold welder’s blankets in place, holding bags closed, etc. This is another good use to add to their already long list.

For neatening up cables under desks and such, that’s not a bad idea, though I wonder if the thin metal clips might nick the insulation of thin cables.

For storing cables, I put each one in a plastic baggie. That way you can shuffle them around in a drawer easily without tangling them. When I ran a small IT department, we color coded the bags with tape.

Klein recently added a cable wrap dispenser to their lineup. It uses rolls of Velcro tape:

That’s interesting. Looks pretty large though.

crap Fred another tool you post up that I’d like to have but probably won’t justify. I did a quick search and it seems Klein’s is the only device out there that has a integrated cutter - and it’s meant to put on your tool pouch/belt but that’s not as important to me.

Nice idea and I was going to say I use hook and loop tape for almost all of mine other than under hood where zip ties are king. but you can get reasonable cheap hook and loop tape in a number of places or on line. I figure in 2-3 years someone else will make a dispenser like that.

and I’m probably going to buy one next year. it’s on the watchlist.

For my tools with long cables test light, power probe, multimeter leads I double cables up till they’re a length to fit in my toolbox better and tie them with a rubber band or twist tie. When in use the tie is left in the drawer. Most of the time it unrolls easily without tangling

One of the Electricians that we used as a subcontractor - seemed to use short lengths of 14ga (maybe 12ga. ) wire offcuts as his twist ties.