Cable grip puller (Griphoist) alternatives?

I have occasion to pull unwieldy loads around on my property, in rough areas where vehicles and powered winches will not go. After struggling with come-alongs that only pull for 20 feet at best before needing to be unwound and reset, I did some online research and discovered cable grip pullers like the Griphoist. This would be perfect for my needs, since it can pull many many feet of cable, is manually operated, and is portable. Unfortunately, the Griphoist is very expensive (>$1300 new). Jet makes a version for about $400 at the cost of significantly increased weight (~48 lbs, less fun to schlep around the woods).

Can anyone recommend another option for a grip puller besides the Griphoist or Jet versions? Ideally I’d be able to lay out 60, 80, or even 100’ of cable to a load and pull all of it from a single anchor point. I’m in the U.S. as far as availability is concerned.

Maybe they still make/sell the Black Rat winch:

A few more links:�+3500+lb.html�+3500+lb.html

If you want the Real McCoy Griphoist (made in France) - maybe today’s the time to buy one at Zoro - with 25% off - using promo code KABOOM

I heard over how tough these Black Rat winches are.