Channellock 810 adjustable wrench

I recently purchased a Channelock 810 adjustable wrench. I am trying to remove the axle for the thumbscrew. Can anyone tell me how to do it, There doesn’t appear to be a slot for a screwdriver on the end of the pin. Thanks

The wrench is made by Irega in Spain.
While I’ve seen spare thumbwheel and axle (ones with the screwdriver slot end) sets marketed for Crescent Brand wrenches - I’ve never seen spare parts for Irega- made wrenches.
It is possible that the Irega axle is pressed into the body and can be punched/driven out with a pin punch or stake on a arbor press. But this is pure speculation on my part. You might need to contact Channellock or Irega

Thanks fred. The wrench I have was made in the USA. I have called Channellock but the individual who can help me is on vacation. Appreciate the interest. Chris