Check Out New Veto Pro DR Bags!

Well, the guys over at Veto are keeping busy. I was checking over their site and under the new products section I saw these new DR series bags. What really caught my attention was their build style. Very much like the old Bucketboss gatemouth bags. Sort of a doctor style bag. Many brands make them but the gatemouths really kicked off the popularity back in the 90s.

What’s more interesting to me is that when Veto started making their closed top XL model one of the stated reasons was to get away from the dump and grab bags with unprotected tool pockets on the outside. This has them in spades. Not a complaint but I found it odd for Veto to move in such a direction when the market is saturated with these types of bags. At a fraction of the price. I think 179 dollars for the XL model will be a hard sell. Here’s a photo from their site.

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