China Tariffs - Winners (DeWalt), Losers (Milwaukee)

Question for Stuart and those within the Tool Industry;

At least on a temporary basis, companies such as TTI-Milwaukee be at a clear disadvantage versus DeWalt which imports many power tools from Mexico. Will this have long-term effects in regards to sales and market share?

That said, DeWalt isn’t completely untouched as their “Made in USA of Global Material” is material primarily imported from China.

Another question; will European Brands continue their sales and market increase?

This is not at all meant to pen a political discussion, only how China Tariffs will effect the Tool Industry. Educated Opinions please.

Interesting question. I would imagine that DeWalt (and SBD in general) would not be impacted as heavily. I have DeWalt power tools that were made in not only North America but also European and Asian countries. I know a lot of parts are sourced from China, though.