Cold weather work glove suggestions needed

Hi folks! New poster looking for suggestions for cold weather work gloves to do HVAC in. I am in TN, so not real bad cold. But something so our fingers don’t fall off, if it gets below 30. I saw the Mechanix cold weather gloves that Stuart wrote about. Anything other brands I should look at?
These are going to be provided by the company, I just have to tell them what to get.

I have done a lot of research about gloves and at the end I have not been able to find anything better than Mechanix gloves in general. DeWALT does some different gloves also for cold weather, but Mechanix is better I think. Mechanix uses some Deer leather in some of their gloves, Deer skin is soft and dense so it does not break easily.

Techtoolsupply has a heck of a sale on a few sizes of Radians brand cold-weather cut-protection gloves. I just ordered a pair and haven’t had a chance to try them out yet so I can’t give a personal recommendation, but I haven’t been disappointed by Radians yet.

I’m in the “order a few of everything and let the crew try 'em out” camp, especially on safety gear. Additionally, doing a periodic little “which one did you wear this week and how did you like it?” survey can raise safety awareness, while also gathering important info for the reorder so you stock up on the stuff people actually find comfortable.


Thanks for the suggestions! I will keep looking and see what else I like.

You are welcome! I have not tried these DeWALT gloves as they are not available in the UK, if you try please let me know if you are happy with the quality or not. Thanks

Don’t spend so much. Just wear a thinsualte liner and regular 7 dollar gloves over that: Layers work better anyway

Brad, I have been using these. I found I needed waterproof gloves on a wet roof. An other non waterproof mechanix glove got soaked handling water logged rope. The multipurpose dipped do not have that problem. I have not complaints after almost all winter, except that I can’t do tiny wiring in them. But I haven’t found a regular work glove that works for that either.